About us

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RECYCGLOBE is the first Internet platform that connects directly users wishing to dispose of recyclable materials (liquids and solids) with private or municipal companies activated in collecting and treating them. We provide an online tool that causes and ensures targeted collection of clean and separated recyclable materials at source. At the same time, we give the opportunity to individuals to enjoy reciprocal benefits or direct reward from urban recycling. Recycglobe is inspired and aligned with the concept of circular economy and employs new technologies for:

    • Contribution to extroversion: The platform can be applied to any country in the world. Due to the Internet it has the ability to create synergies with corresponding business operations abroad. Finally, as a Greek innovative application, it is the best ambassador for our country in the sector of technology.
    • Contribution to sustainable development: The platform is designed on the model of circular economy so as to influence the increase in the recycling rate and to reduce waste. The recovery and reuse of materials reduces the import of raw materials, where as it increases the export of materials and creates jobs.
    • Improvement of daily life: The platform improves significantly the rate of recycling, and inactivates illegal trade, smuggling and exploitation phenomena that are observed in relation to the collection of these materials in the black market. Finally, it prevents any uncontrolled trading of toxic and environmentally harmful materials for the citizens.

Business Mission and Vision

    • Mission: Recycglobe is designed so as to be the first platform that gives the real sense of reciprocal benefit from recycling. The platform connects the individual and the company and creates a win – win environment. Its aim is the growth of the recycling rate, the increase of volume of the recycled material, the creation of a favourable environment for (b2b) business to business collaboration and, finally, the attraction of wider social groups into the internet community with multilevel benefits:

      • Producers of recyclable materials have the opportunity to reap reciprocal benefits.
      • Business enterprise can increase their turnover and reduce recycling costs due to separation of products.
      • The municipalities can avoid fines from waste management and can be harmonized with international standards and recycling targets.

Vision: With these aims our vision is to create and support a tool that will be established as the obvious means for recycling.

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